Flood Damage Restoration

Turn to us For Water Damage Restoration in Durango or Cortez, CO

Turn to us For Water Damage Restoration in Durango or Cortez, CO

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Maybe the rain fell in through a hole in your roof, or maybe you had a water heater burst. No matter how the water got into your home, you can trust bravo cleaning and restoration to handle it. We'll dry your carpeting thoroughly to prevent mold growth. Our water damage restoration services are comprehensive and affordable. You'll be glad you chose us.

We will extract water from your home and perform proper drying and dehumidifying. You don't have to worry about the insurance claim process - we'll work with your insurance company to get you the coverage you need.

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Stay safe with our mold remediation services
Mold can cause a lot of respiratory issues. Breathe easy by choosing us for mold remediation. We will inspect your home for signs of mold and do what we can to eradicate any mold growth. You can also turn to us for mold evaluations and inspections.

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Tackling all types of damage

Water damage comes from many sources, each of them swift and unexpected. Our team can handle all situations, including:

  • Frozen or broken pipes
  • Ice and snow damage
  • Storm or flood water
  • Sprinkler system failures
  • Water from fire hydrants
  • Roof leakage
  • Sink overflow
  • Sewer backup
Once we remove the water and dry the area, we get rid of any damaged materials and clean the space to eliminate the risk of mold growth.